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There are multiple efforts on campus that focus on AI in Healthcare. Below is a listing of the ones I know.

AI efforts in SOM

  1. Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & Imaging, which aims to develop, evaluate, and disseminate artificial intelligence systems to benefit patients.
  2. Stanford Medicine Program for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, with the mission of bringing AI technologies to the clinic, safely, cost-effectively and ethically.
  3. Stanford Partnership in AI-Assisted Care, focused on cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technologies to solve some of healthcare's most important problems.
  4. Stanford Healthcare AI Applied Research Team, whose mission is to bring leading edge AI technologies “from code to bedside” in support of the Quadruple Aim.
  5. Stanford EM Partnership Program (STEPP), is a structured system for sourcing, evaluating, and executing innovative partnership between the Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine and innovators.

AI efforts in SOE

  1. AI for Health, with the mission to develop unbiased, explainable AI algorithms to better understand health and wellness, to improve the efficiency, value and delivery of healthcare and to improve patient experience and outcomes.
  2. AI for Healthcare Bootcamp, which provides an opportunity to do cutting-edge research at the intersection of AI and healthcare.
  3. Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, with the goal of Advancing AI research, education, policy, and practice to improve the human condition.
  4. Data Science Data4Health, which is part of Data Science for Human Health is a new hub promoting data science + health research and impact across campus.

Digital health efforts

  1. Digital Health Care Integration (DHCI), which will identify and enable digital health programs and initiatives to align with the Integrated Strategic Plan for Stanford Medicine.
  2. Stanford Emerging Apps Lab (SEAL)'s, mission is to build and maintain a pipeline for the development and implementation of new digital solutions that enhance the functionality of the electronic health record for clinicians to deliver high quality and high touch care to patients at Stanford Medicine.
  3. Center for Digital Health (CDH), which is a collaborator, resource, and enabler of the next generation of medicine for shaping the future of digital health.
  4. Industry Relations and Digital Health (IRDH), which matches the finest industry innovators with world leading researchers.
  5. Stanford Healthcare Innovation Lab, which characterizes an individual’s healthy baseline to identify when deviations from baseline occur and intervene to maintain health as well as early detection and prevention of disease.
  6. Stanford Medicine Catalyst, which aims to accelerate innovations that will transform health by seeking the most promising ideas from the Stanford community and fostering their development, testing their implementation, and scaling them to their full potential.
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