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We analyze multiple types of health data (EHR, Claims, Wearables, Weblogs, and Patient blogs), to answer clinical questions, generate insights, and build predictive models for the learning health system. Read more ...

We answer clinical questions to enable better medical decisions using EHR and Claims data, via a bedside consult service that enables the use of aggregate patient data at the point of care. Check out our Informatics Consult Service that puts this idea in action.

We make predictions that allow taking mitigating actions. We characterize the fairness and examine the ethical implications of using machine learning in clinical care. We have built models for predicting future increases in cost, identifying slow healing wounds, missed diagnoses of depression and for improving palliative care. Check out our Program for AI in Healthcare

We develop methods to analyze multiple datatypes for generating insights. Such as:

About us: Lab members
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