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Medicine in the Age of Electronic Health Records, at KDD 2014 in New York.

Invited talk at NIPS 2015, Workshop on Machine Learning For Healthcare

Performing an Informatics Consult, at the 2016 Big Data meeting at Stanford.

Building a Machine Learning Healthcare System, Invited talk at the Parc Forum, Summer 2016.

Building a Machine Learning Healthcare System, at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science, Spring 2017.

45 minute grand rounds talk launching the service in 2017.

2 min overview of our work in supporting clinical decision making at the bedside.

Russ Altman and Nigam Shah taking an in-depth look at the growing influence of “data-driven medicine.”

Keeping the Human in the Loop for Equitable and Fair Use of ML in Healthcare, at AIMiE 2018

Building a Machine Learning Healthcare System, at XLDB, April 30 2018

One minute video on the Informatics Consult Service.

Grand Rounds at the NIH Collaboratory on Nov 22, 2019

5 min clip on how we need to improve the quality of the inputs to our COVID-19 models.

A talk about Stanford's data science efforts at COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference by Stanford HAI.

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