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Lab Members

(these are people on the mailing list, in the #shahlab-members Slack channel)

  1. Alison Callahan (Research Scientist)
  2. Jason Alan Fries (Research Scientist)
  3. Vladimir Polony (Senior Research Engineer)
  4. Jose Posada (Senior Clinical Data Scientist, R-IT)
  5. Ethan Steinberg (CS, PhD student)
  6. Stephen Pfohl (BMI, PhD student)
  7. Scotty Fleming (BMI PhD student)
  8. Agata Foryciarz (CS PhD student)
  9. Marcello Chang (Medical student)
  10. Jonathan Lu (Medical student)
  11. Katelyn Bechter (BMI Masters student)
  12. Anand Avati (CS PhD Student)
  13. Jennifer Wilson (Postdoctoral scholar)
  14. Crystal Xu (Postdoctoral scholar)
  15. Birju Patel (CI Fellow)
  16. Wui Ip (CI Fellow)
  17. Dev Dash (CI Fellow)
  18. Keith Morse (Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)
  19. Lillian Sung (Visiting Professor)
  20. Jonathan Li (CS student RA)
  21. Siyun Li (CS student RA)
  22. Carla Mashack (Administrative Associate)

Group schedule

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