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Lab Members

(these are people on the mailing list, in the #shahlab-members Slack channel)

  1. Alison Callahan (Instructor)
  2. Jason Alan Fries (Research Scientist)
  3. Zepeng Frazier Huo (Postdoctoral scholar)
  4. Michael Wornow (CS, 3rd year PhD student)
  5. Akshay Swaminathan (MedScholars, M3 student)
  6. Akash Chaurasia (CS, 2nd year MS student)
  7. Suhana Bedi (BMI, 1st year PhD student)
  8. Scotty Fleming (BMI, final year PhD student)
  9. Mehr Kashyap (2nd year Medicine resident)
  10. Dev Dash (Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine)
  11. Keith Morse (Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics)
  12. Chia-Chun Chiang (Visiting Professor, Mayo Clinic)
  13. Nhung Lai (Administrative Associate, BMIR)

Recent Lab Alumni

  1. Mary Watson (Administrative Associate, BMIR)
  2. Ethan Steinberg (CS, PhD student)
  3. Eric Pan (RA, BMI student)
  4. Crystal Xu (Postdoctoral scholar 2023), Assistant Professor at University of Utah
  5. Jonathan Lu (Medical student)
  6. Nikos Ignatiadis (Statistics PhD student)
  7. Carla Mashack (Administrative Associate)
  8. Cara Van Uden (CS, PhD student)
  9. Katelyn Bechler (BMI Masters student)
  10. Siyun Li (CS student RA)
  11. Stephen Pfohl (BMI PhD student 2022), Researcher at Google
  12. Steve Yadlowsky (ICME PhD student 2020), Researcher at Google
  13. Jose Posada (Senior Clinical Data Scientist, R-IT)
  14. Vibhu Agarwal (BMI, PhD student 2019) Medidata Solutions, Acorn AI
  15. Alejandro Schuler (BMI, PhD student 2018) Unlearn.AI, Adjunct Professor at Stanford
  16. Sarah Poole (BMI, PhD student 2018) Verily Life Sciences
  17. Jennifer Wilson (BMI, Postdoctoral Scholar 2021) Assistant Professor, University of California
  18. Rohit Vashisht (Postdoctoral Scholar 2018) Researcher, UCSF
  19. Rainer Winnenburg (Postdoctoral Scholar 2016) AbbVie Library Information Science
  20. David Stark (Postdoctoral Scholar; BMI, Masters student 2016) Morgan Stanley
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